Hands – a barometer of our health !!!

You can get information about the health status of man in his hand

Do you want to know the exact state of your  body?

It is possible today to understand how robust, can catch and prevent emerging problem in the bud.

With a single, 100% painless examination!

How? Millenary Chinese medicine uses a barometer for full diagnostics of the body – our hand. There are printed all instantaneous information about the condition of the body. In conjunction with the ancient knowledge, modern technology provides a complete and easy solution – acupuncture device “Acculife-Tiens”.

How does it work?

Our body has a special system connecting points of the body surface with the internal organs – the meridians (Jing). By acting on these key points can influence the corresponding internal organs. (That’s what makes the device.) On hand are concentrated very many points and marks of an internal state! So it is a barometer of overall health (eg. A narrow palm – talk about a problem with the liver, etc.).

What is particularly valuable here?

Acupuncture appliance “Akulayf – Tiens”, passed practical tests in traditional Chinese medicine, is the device which:

In testing / diagnostics, body can show even diseases that no symptoms or are at an early stage;
Efficiency and accuracy of the device over 90%;
Together with the diagnosis of the body has a therapeutic effect, as in acupuncture, and has no side effects;
The device has been developed over 20 years by a group of highly qualified specialists in modern western and traditional Chinese medicine.

Principles of operation of the unit “Acculife”

  • The unit has electric and magnetic effects of acupuncture points;
  • Have a beneficial effect on channels “Jin”, increases the activity of cells and tissues;
  • Improves the functioning of the nervous system, cleanses the blood;
  • Increases the protective and restorative functions of the body;
  • Increases immunity, helps the treatment of diseases;
  • Patents and certificates of unit “Acclife”

Obtain patients in 10 countries of the world – China, US, Japan, Australia, Korea, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan;
US FDA certificate (which is given rare);
EU certificate;
Certificate of good manufacturing practice (GMP);
Certificate of compliance ISO 9001-2000 / 13485: 1996
Healthy and happy life is a symbol of health, wealth, love and prosperity!

Full appraisal consultation with the unit – 100 $.


For more information and an appointment – Gergana Meteva +35987 905 9793