Chinese philosophy and medicine

According to the ideas of ancient Chinese medicine, the basis of all life is the life energy Chi, which occurs in two forms: yin and yang. They are connected with each other, oppose and cross one another. The life of man is in equilibrium between the internal process of eating (Yin) and outdoor activities (Yang)
On the other hand, increased attention to issues of internal health, nutrition, protection of the delicate intestines leads to excessive accumulation of Yin. A man who builds mass Inn, but is insufficiently energetic, active (Yang) is unable to complete activity is inert, muscles atrophy, the cardiovascular system weakens.
The contradiction is removed by achieving a balance, which means mobility, variety, moderation and harmony with its own rhythm and needs.
All internally in the human body belongs to yin and everything externally – to Yang. This also applies to the surface of the body, the surfaces of the dishes or even to the cladding of the internal organs. Already in itself where started pathological process can not say much about the polar origin of the reasons that cause it. Below is – Yin above – Jan. So-called “solid organ” – heart, kidneys, liver and others. They are – yin and the so-called “hollow bodies” – Jan (stomach, intestine, urinary mepur etc.). The back is – Jan and belly – Yin. The division can be complicated. For example, the kidneys it is “in Yin Yin”, while the liver refers to the “Yin Yang”, etc.

Ways to restore the dynamic balance and harmony between yin and yang are BIO appliances and healthy food supplements. Chinese ingredients are applied to normalize the condition, which is the basis of the true cause of the disease. The notion ingredients include not only plants but also mineral and organic substances reorganize body components in the system of meridians and organs and drove unfavorable conditions.
Chinese medicine distinguishes four main stages:

  • Detoxification
  • Supplementing
  • Strengtheningе
  • Balance


The first step to a healthy body is detoxifying or removing toxins from the body. Hectic pace of life, physical and emotional stress, unhealthy nutrition, environmental pollution or abrupt climate change are all factors for accumulation of toxins in the body – excess cholesterol, fat, preservatives, artificial colors, heavy metals and others who have a direct impact on the functioning of vital organs and a potential threat to the human body.

The fast-paced lifestyle makes modern humans consume too much cholesterol and too little fruit and vegetables, along with inaction or insufficient physical activity. The result is the accumulation of harmful substances on the walls of blood vessels, which leads to hypertension with fatal consequences. As the limestone is deposited on the walls of the kettle over time these plates are hardening and narrowing blood vessels, reducing their strength and elasticity and making it more difficult absorption of nutrients from the vessel walls. Loved by children and adults deep fried foods contain carcinogens – acrylamides, which are synthesized in frying of starch at high temperature. Frequent consumption of such foods is dangerous to health.

Environmental pollution also poses hazards. Emissions from cars, heavy metals, radiation from computers and mobile phones, etc. – Just imagine your body submerged in all these toxins!

To quote the British royal surgeon Alistair Lance: “There is only one disease and it is poor detoxification.”

Harmful substances and toxins in the human body are like a dark shadow in the sunshine, which little by little undermines health. So one has to cleanse your body of toxins in the digestive system, blood vessels, lungs, skin and all other channels to enable the authorities to function well.

Studies show that only 20% of toxins and metabolic waste disposed of the body in stools, while 80% remain in the body. This shows that normal physiological clearing mechanism is insufficient to deal with all toxins. So we need help in the form of dietary supplements. Kitayskiata theory of longevity and the latest research in the field of biotechnology have taught us that many plants – tea, grapes, corn, lotus leaves, spirulina, etc., Are excellent detoxification.


Once we cleared the body, we can move on to the next step – to use supplements to regulate body functions. As a complex machine requires regular maintenance to function smoothly and to prolong its life and the human body needs nutrients to maintain his health, delay aging and protect him from bo and diseases. Both Chinese and Western medicine stress the importance of balance in the body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, when the body is in harmony with the five elements of the universe (metal, water, wood, fire, earth), it is in a state of equilibrium and in good health. Any imbalance in the body causes dysfunction of other organs, thus closing the vicious circle. According to modern medicine, the body is fine system located in close connection with nature. Digestive system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, urinary and endocrine system, they all interact, creating a stable and balanced internal environment – in harmony. No court alone performs all the functions of the body. All organs and systems must function together to maintain harmony. Single organ dysfunction affects, directly or indirectly, on the functioning of all organs and body systems. Take for example the liver. As a “treatment laboratory” of the body, it plays a vital role in metabolism; detoxify toxins, synthesizes bile, which is involved in the process of digestion; synthesized proteins involved in the clotting process and proteins related to the immune system; Burning fat produces energy; clears the body of waste substances by oxidation and hydrolysis of a number of end products of protein metabolism which otherwise act as toxins to the body. Excess fats and unhealthy dietary habits lead to dysfunction of the liver, and subsequently – to various diseases. The liver is closely related to the immune system, so malfunction inevitably weakens the immunity.

Thus, it is essential to maintain harmony in the organs and systems of the body. Mother – Nature created miraculous ingredients to achieve balance in the body.


After the stages of detoxification and replenishment must nourish our body, which includes the provision of food supplements, balancing yin and yang energy, strengthen the immune system and activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. We must have purified the body before you start taking any supplements. The cleanup is necessary because the toxins reduce the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Therefore, we must first get rid of toxins and only then to supply the body with supplements – so we will ensure their utilization and proper functioning of organs.
TIENS ‘supplements are a combination of the 5000 annual Chinese wisdom and modern biotechnology in the 21st century. Besides detoxification and intake of food additives have to keep a proper and healthy diet by providing a balanced combination of foods and supplements to achieve the desired result. TIENS has developed a series of products, strengthen the functioning of all body systems: digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory, endocrine, etc. TIENS Your consultant will help you maximize the benefits of taking supplements that energize the body, increase stamina and help you to cope more easily with the stress of everyday life.


This is the unification of the previous three stages when they are properly functioning!