New sеt of weight loss!

 TIENS Nutri-Shape Trim (Removing) 

Asian fibers extracted from Kongjak tubers help in the general intestinal health and regulate the feeling of greater satiety in the stomach, helping to reduce excess food. The health of the intestine is an indicator of general wellbeing, which includes proper gastric motility (substances moving through the tubes) and healthy bacterial flora. Glucomanan (Kojak Dust) serves as a natural prebiotic that nourishes the action of “friendly” bacteria in the gut. Glucomanan is extracted from Amaranthophallus konjac and in particular from the root of the plant.


  • Glucomanan keeps large amounts of water and forms a gel, and we feel more saturated for a longer time;
    It slows the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine, which contributes to the maintenance of healthy blood cholesterol levels;
  • Zinc helps to the healthy metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids.

Package 180 capsules x 624 mg

 TIENS Nutri-Shape Block (Blocking) 

A formula based on the chitin-glucan is a plant ingredient (fungi), a natural fiber substance that binds to the lipids in the gastrointestinal tract and reduces the absorption of fat in the human body.
Chitin-glucan is an insoluble biopolymer composed of a unique combination of Chitin and Beta-glucan, which is the main constituent of the fungal cell wall. The preparation does not cause an allergic reaction and does not contain GMOs.


  • The chitin-glucan helps to reduce the accumulation of lipids in tissues;
  • Chitin-glucan binds up to 800 times its weight in fat and regulates cholesterol. Absorbed fat and cholesterol are discarded together with the stools;
  • TIENS Nutri-Shape Block increases daily fiber intake.

Package 30 capsules х 611 mg

 TIENS Nutri-Shape Burn (Burning) 

The Nutri-Shape Burn formula is a dietary supplement that successfully boosts metabolism in the body. Entirely built on fruits and vitamins. It helps fast fat burning and successful weight control.

TIENS Nutri-Shape Burn – based on raspberry – is a unique preparation that has been scientifically proven to help maintain healthy body weight when combined with healthy diet and exercise.


  • Raspberry extract;
  • Caffeine;
  • Chrome helps the fat burning process;
  • Vitamin K2 helps to strengthen muscles and bones;
  • L-taurine for weight control
  • MK-7 one of the ingredients of Vitamin K2 that has been shown to be effective in boosting metabolism

Package 90 capsules х 696 mg